What Should I Do When Someone's Dog Bites Me?

If you are ever bitten by a dog, you will need to be sure that you're able to respond accordingly. You will need to be sure that you hold the dog owner accountable in order to get the money that you need to heal from your injuries and move forward with your life. Take advantage of some of the following information so that you can protect yourself and build a winning case. 

What is the first step that I should take after being bitten?

After being bitten by someone else's dog, you should make sure your health is your first priority. Dog bites can be hazardous whether you are dealing with superficial injuries, like scratches and gashes, or deeper injuries like puncture wounds and infections or diseases. See a doctor to heal your wounds and to get tested for other more serious issues. 

You will also need to exchange contact information with the dog's owner and be prepared to provide them with proof of your medical visit, rabies shot, and other pertinent information. 

What should I do once I get medical treatment?

Now that you are treated for your injuries, you will need to make sure that you begin covering your bases from a legal point of view. First and foremost, you should at least speak to personal injury attorney in order to get a free consultation. This consultation can guide you so that you are able to know the best way to proceed. 

All cases are different, but you will generally either contact animal control to report the issue or work to file a civil suit against the owner of the dog. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you might have to get a DNA sample to identify the dog and get some witnesses to vouch for what happened. You must also take pictures and video of injuries while compiling evidence. 

You should absolutely never sign an agreement to drop the case or to settle with an insurance company without speaking to your lawyer. Let them guide you and build your case accordingly. 

What should I keep in mind about my personal injury case?

More than anything, you should bear in mind that you will most likely end up settling outside of court. Statistics show that between 95 to 96 percent of these sorts of cases are settled pre-trial. Make sure that you work closely with your attorney, prepared to negotiate a settlement in the matter. 

Follow these tips so that you're able to bounce back after being bitten by a dog.