Had A Fall Accident In A Store? Here Are 4 Ways To Build A Strong Case For Compensation

If you have just had a fall in one of your favorite stores, you may have injuries that cause you to accumulate medical bills and cause you to miss time at work. You may be thinking about seeking compensation from the store for your injuries, but in order to get the compensation you deserve, you need to build a strong case for yourself. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Don't Wash Your Clothing

The clothing that you wore on the day of the accident may prove to be excellent evidence for your case. Tears, rips, scuffmarks and residue of any substances that may have gotten onto your clothes during your accident can help tell the story of what happened. Therefore, do not wash your clothing, even if there is blood on it. Be sure to gather the clothing you wore and put it into a plastic bag. Put your shoes from that day in the bag as well. You can give the bag to your lawyer, who may choose to have the clothing examined.

Write Down Details of the Accident

Your recollection of events may fade, so writing down what you remember can be helpful in the future. Make sure that you write about what the lighting in the store looked like, what the surface of the floor was like, whether it was sticky or wet, or any other details that you can think of. You can give this information to your fall accident attorney, who can use the information to make a stronger case.

Follow Doctor's Orders

If you have not yet gone to a doctor who can assess your injuries, you need to do that immediately so that you can have a professional record about your injuries. However, after you see a doctor, they'll have recommendations that you should follow to treat yourself and help you to feel better. If you choose not to follow some of the doctor's orders, the store's insurance company can use that against you.

Avoid Social Media

More and more, insurance companies are using the internet to search for information about people. They may very well track down your presence on social media sites and look for anything that will undermine your case. Cut down your usage of those sites, or avoid social media altogether until there is a settlement in your case.

If you do spend time on social media, make sure that you don't mention your accident at all. Don't post pictures or status updates that could put you in a negative light. Most importantly, be sure that all your profiles are set to restrict strangers from seeing your posts or pictures.

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