3 Ways To Pay For Legal Services

There are times in life when you may need to rely on the expertise of an attorney. Regardless if you're facing a lawsuit, ending a marriage or involved in other types of various life situations, you may need to choose the right legal services to assist you during this time. Knowing the different ways to pay your attorney is sure to come in handy if you need to rely on this type of professional for any reason.


Many attorneys will charge by the hour and the precise amount you will be required to pay hourly will vary greatly.  Some of the factors that will typically play a role in the hourly rate will include the amount of experience the attorney has and the area where you reside.

Listed below are legal services that are typically paid per hour:

1. Divorce – If your marriage is ending and you're seeking a divorce, you may need a lawyer, and the amount of work involved will vary per case. This type of situation usually requires the divorcing couples to pay an hourly rate.

2. Contracts – Drawing up a contract for a real estate transaction of most any type will usually be charged per hour.

3. Deed of Trust – If you need to have a deed drawn up stating you're the owner of a particular property, or you're having one transferred to another individual, this legal service is usually paid by the hour.

Retainer Fees

The first time you meet with an attorney and decide to hire this individual, you may be required to pay a retainer fee. Most lawyers require you to pay a certain amount of money upfront before any work is done on your case.

The precise amount of the retainer fee that you will be required to pay may be based on the complexity of the case and how much your lawyer charges.


It's not uncommon for personal injury lawyers to require you to pay a contingency fee. This is a specific percentage that is normally 33%-40% of any money you are rewarded for your injuries.

The advantage of choosing this type of legal payment includes not having to pay your attorney a retainer fee. Additionally, in some cases, if you don't win your case, you may not be required to pay any money.

There are certain to be situations in life when you may require legal services. Be sure to know in advance what types of payments are accepted by your attorney, like those at McFarland & Masters LLC.