Why Your Real Estate Attorney Should Handle a Divorce Sale

If you are going through a divorce and the two of you want to remain on good terms, it is best to allow your legal team to handle all of the heavy lifting and negotiating. For example, if you own a home with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, one of the best ways to deal with the real estate is to sell the property and divide the profits fairly. Here are some reasons why having a real estate attorney handle the sale is best for the protection of all parties.

Property can be properly split

While dividing assets 50/50 can be typical for many items that were purchased throughout the marriage, there may be a reason that your home should not be divided by the 50/50 rule. For instance, if one spouse paid the down payment, that amount may be returned to them and then the remainder of the money would be split between you. In another situation, one spouse may have paid a higher percentage of the mortgage payments, meaning they should collect more of the sales total. When you work with a real estate attorney versus a sales agent while handling the sale of your home, they can oversee the collection and disbursement of the money for the property. This will make sure that there are no more real estate disputes for your attorney later on down the line.

Both interests can be protected

A real estate lawyer can become a neutral party that looks after the benefit of both individuals. While both of your divorce lawyers will look out for their client's individual needs, a real estate lawyer will act on behalf of all owners of the home. This means that decisions will be made solely based on what is best for you both as the sellers, netting you and your ex-spouse more money and less issues.

The attorney can deal with the buyers

Sometimes the buyers may contact the sellers for issues during the sale of the property. The requests that buyers make may be small, like pushing back the closing date by a few days. Other requests will be large, including fixing the roof before the home is sold or having a number of appraisals approved by their lending bank. When you are going through a divorce, the last thing that you may want to deal with is difficulty from other parties. A real estate dispute attorney can handle problems with your buyers so that you can work on moving on with your life. 

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