3 Tips for Preventing Injury on Your School's Playground

Children need time outdoors in order to help them stay healthy and focused. Your school likely has a playground that is designed to give children access to fun outdoor activities throughout the school day. While a playground can serve as a source of entertainment, it can also pose serious injury risks.

Here are three things that you need to be doing to prevent injuries (and the potential lawsuits that accompany them) on your school's playground in the future.

1. Always have teachers present.

Young children are often unaware of the dangers that could be lurking on a playground. Posting teachers strategically throughout the playground whenever it is in use could go a long way toward preventing possible injuries.

Adult supervision allows children to use playground equipment in a safer way. If an adult spots a child engaging in a potentially dangerous activity, he or she can put a stop to the activity before an injury occurs. Assigning teachers to recess duty is a simple and effective way to prevent playground injuries.

2. Educate your students.

Providing your school's students with a crash course in playground safety can also be beneficial in preventing injury. Since young children are often unaware that there is a right and a wrong way to use playground equipment, improper use or fooling around can lead to injury.

Taking the time to educate your students on the dangers that are associated with using playground equipment improperly will allow them to engage in safer play. This reduces the risk of injury and can help prevent a potential lawsuit from being filed by the parents of an injured student in the future.

3. Cushion any potential falls.

The materials that you use to cover the ground in your school's playground area can serve as an asset in helping you to prevent possible injuries. It is inevitable that a child will fall off the monkey bars or swings, so providing a soft place for these young children to fall is critical when it comes to injury prevention.

Cushioning any potential falls through the installation of rubber mulch or soft sand in your school's playground area will help your students avoid play-related injuries while at recess.

Finding ways to keep your students safe while they are using playground equipment at your school is essential when it comes to protecting your school against a potential lawsuit. Be sure that you are providing adult supervision, educating students on the proper use of equipment, and installing rubber mulch or sand to cushion any falls that may occur. For more information on ways to keep your playground safe, contact resources like Risley Law Firm, P.C.