Well-Meaning Actions That Make Your Infant's Car Seat More Dangerous

Child car seats are highly effective in mitigating injuries during frontal crashes, but only if they are used correctly. No parent wants to place their child in danger, but sometimes your well-meaning actions can actually reduce the safety of your child's car seat. Here are a few examples of such actions:

Placing Toys in the Car Seat

If your child is crying and seems uncontrollable, you may be tempted to stuff some toys in their car seat. Unfortunately, you would be placing them in grave danger by doing that. The toys may calm down your baby, but they can also cause serious injuries when they turn into projectiles during a crash.  Unless you are sure a toy wouldn't hurt your child if it hit them in the face, place it far away from the child's seat.

Padding the Car Seat

If you think your infant's seat isn't comfortable enough, you may be tempted to add padding, neck support, and head support to make your little bundle of joy more comfortable. It may be tempting, but you shouldn't do it because your perceived comfort may turn into a nightmare if you are involved in a crash. The car seat's manufacturer never tested it with those aftermarket products you are using, so there is no way of knowing how they will behave in a crash. You don't want to take the risk that your comfort products will make reduce the car seat's inefficiency. Before adding anything, confirm that it is approved by the seat's manufacturer.

Using Both the Latch and the Car Seat Belt

It's understandable that you want to make your baby as safe as possible, but using both the latch system and the car seat belt would defeat the purpose. This is because car seats haven't been tested when installed with both systems. This means you have no way of knowing how such an installation will work in a crash; it may be safe or dangerous, but you don't want to use your baby as a guinea pig. Use either the seat belt (making sure it is latched) or the latch system, but not both.

Hopefully, your child will always be safe in their carefully installed car seats. If your child does get injured in a car accident, a car accident attorney can help you pursue the damages you deserve. Get the best available medical care for your loved one and then consult a car accident attorney for your options. Contact a firm like Littman & Babiarz Law Office to learn more.