Why Hiring A DUI Attorney Is To Your Benefit

You are driving your vehicle when suddenly you are pulled over by a police officer who claims that you are driving under the influence. That is a very serious charge, which could land you in jail. The officer has the right to render you a test that measures your alcohol consumption level. If the officer administers the test and tells you that you have failed the test and consequently arrests you, immediately request permission to contact a DUI attorney. This attorney will make arrangements for you to obtain bail and begin preparing your case to fight the charge in court.

Why A DUI Attorney Is So Important

You should not be making any statements to the police before your attorney comes to talk with you. There are other issues that can elevate your blood alcohol level, and your attorney is the best person who will listen to what you have to say. He or she will then discuss plans with you to fight the charge you are faced with. You might feel troubled by this intrusive charge, but you should try to understand that a DUI attorney can find options under which you can beat this DUI charge and win your case. Do not be coaxed into giving any statement to the police that you'll regret later.

How You Unwittingly Deliver A High Alcohol Level

Residual alcohol may have remained in your mouth or absorbed into food that was already in your mouth, which thereafter lodged between your teeth. That activity has the ability to heighten your blood alcohol level measurement. If you've burped or had an incident of hiccuping prior to taking the test, these two incidents could also register a false alcohol level. Your experienced attorney can argue these points in your favor when the case comes to trial.

Low-Carb Diet Creates Isopropyl Alcohol

Your body's ketones create isopropyl alcohol when you eat a low-carb diet. Isopropyl alcohol can increase the actual alcohol that's in your blood stream by creating a slow metabolism rate. Those are valid reasons for you to hire a DUI attorney to handle your DUI charges.

Improper Handling Of Your Blood Kits

There are rules about how your blood kit must be handled by laboratories. If the rules are compromised, then the mishandling of your blood kit will register an erroneous higher alcohol level measurement. Your well-informed DUI attorney is aware of this possibility as well and can argue this point by using factual laboratory evidence as proof. Trust your DUI attorney to effectively handle all the details of your case and save you from more trouble than you can bear.