How A Construction Litigation Attorney Can Help Contractors With Non-Payment Issues

If you work as a contractor, not everything will always go smoothly with you and other contractors. There may be an issue with non-payment, for example, that ultimately affects your business. If this has happened, you need to contact a construction litigation attorney. They can help out in the following ways. 

Investigate Your Case 

Before you ever head to court and file a claim against another contractor, your construction litigation attorney will first investigate your case. They do so to see if you have any legal grounds to stand on. 

They'll analyze your contract, talk to the appropriate parties, and look into the contract work you actually did for the client. Your attorney will also analyze documents and situations that lead up to the money dispute. If there isn't enough evidence, your attorney will let you know right away. You can then pursue other options without wasting time and money in court.

Settle Out of Court 

Dealing with construction litigation in court is not the quickest process. After all, there are many documents and contracts that need to be analyzed, in addition to parties that your attorney needs to reach out to. Then, your attorney needs ample time building up a solid case for court.

Fortunately, your construction litigation attorney will do everything they can to settle out of court first. Using their exceptional negotiating skills, your attorney will work with the defending party and get them to stop dragging their feet. They'll try to find a way where both you and the defendant come away with a fair deal. 

Facilitate an Appeal 

There will be times when you reach an undesirable outcome in court, no matter how prepared you were for trial. If this happens with your construction case, your attorney can always set in motion an appeal. This essentially gives you a second chance to prove why you should be owed a certain amount of money for the work you completed.

To get you ready for an appeal, your attorney will come up with alternative strategies that were not used in the first trial. They'll also go out of their way to collect more evidence, whether it's documents showing the agreed upon rate of pay or witnesses who saw your work completed in person.

Navigating construction litigation because of non-payment issues can be tricky as a contractor, which is why you should always work with an attorney in these situations. They know exactly what legal steps to take, and they can build a solid case to help you receive fair compensation for hard work that went unpaid. Contact a firm, like Wright, Ponsoldt & Lozeau, Trial Attorneys, for more help.