Steps For Making Your Yard Safer In Advance Of A Summer Get-Together

The arrival of summer means that you may have plans to celebrate the good weather by inviting good friends over for a get-together. You'll likely do a number of things before they arrive, including mowing the lawn, cleaning your house, and otherwise making your property appealing. These steps can increase your guests' enjoyment, but you should also have your mind on their safety. A summer get-together can quickly hit a sour note in the event of someone being injured on your property, and the relationship that you have with the person in question could deteriorate should he or she pursue legal action against you. Here are some steps that you should take to make your backyard safer before opening it to your friends.

Improve The Lighting

If your gathering will run into the evening, as summer parties often do, you need to realize that your guests may not be as familiar with the terrain in your yard as you are. Whereas you might be able to skillfully navigate this area in the dark, your guests may not — and someone could potentially fall and sustain an injury. Spend some time improving the lighting in your yard. For example, if you have a path that extends from your deck to a gazebo across your yard, and has some tricky elevation changes in it, line the path with some landscaping lights so that the route isn't precarious for your guests.

Restrict Access To Heat Sources

Falls aren't the only concern during a summer get-together in the backyard. Burns can also be a safety risk that could potentially lead to legal action. If you're barbecuing, set up the barbecue in an area where no one will bump into it by accident. You may wish to restrict access to the barbecue with furniture or other large items so that your guests don't gather around it. If you have a fire pit, ensure that the chairs around it are set several feet back and use a safety screen to keep people from waling too close.

Remove Wasp Nests

Perhaps you have a wasp nest in your yard that you've wanted to get rid of but have constantly procrastinated doing so. Now is the time to take action by removing the nest yourself or hiring a pest control company. A swarm of wasps could target one of your guests — for example, someone holding a sweet drink or a piece of watermelon could be a compelling target for these pests, and he or she could be stung multiple times. This is especially a concern if the person has an allergy.

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