4 Types Of Experts You Can Call Upon For A Workers' Comp Accident Case

In many workers' compensation cases, who is fault and what happens is simple and easy to determine. However, not all cases are that straightforward. If you find yourself in a complex accident case that involved serious injury, your attorney may need to bring in an expert witness to make your case. The four type of expert witnesses that are common in workers' compensation include medical experts, economist, highway safety experts, and accident reconstructionist.

1. Medical Experts

If you were seriously injured in a accident, a medical expert can be a great expert witness. A medical expert can make your medical records come alive. They can explain how your injuries were related to your accident if that is not clear. They can also explain what type of injury you sustained, as well as how the injury needs to be treated. If the injury has long-term consequences, they can explain those as well.

2. Economist

If you face a serious consequence due to your medical accident and are not able to work for a long time or potentially at all, an economist may be needed for your case. An economist can calculate and show how much work and wages that you lost. If you are not able to work anymore, an economist can calculate how much your earning capacity is diminished over the long run, as well as the long-term costs of your medical care. When it comes to injuries that change your life, you want an expert there to figure out how much money you will need for the remainder of your life.

3. Highway Safety Expert

Highway safety experts are often engineers. They can explain the exact conditions of the road and how those road conditions could lead to and contribute to your accident. If you are suing not just the driver, but also the state or company that made the road on which you had your accident, this type of expert witness can show how state and federal safety guidelines were not followed in your particular case.

4. Accident Reconstructionist

Finally, your attorney may want to bring in an accident reconstructionist. An accident reconstruction can help rebuild and show what happened. This is useful if who is at fault or what exactly happened is disputed. They can use available information, such as damage to the vehicle, photo evidence of the scene, and physics to establish what happened.

If you are pursuing a workers compensation case, talk to your workers' comp attorney and see if any expert witnesses need to be brought into the case in order to ensure that you get the settlement that you deserve.