Why People Hire Private Investigators To Serve Court Documents

If you are trying to take legal action against a person, one of the top things that can cause problems with your case is not being able to find the person you want to take legal action against. If this happens, you could hire a private investigator to locate the person and serve the papers to him or her, and here are a few important things you should know about this.

Why you need to find the person

In any legal matter, it is almost always essential to locate the person you are filing a case against, and this is to allow the person to know about the filing and to prepare for it. Finding the person is also necessary so that he or she has the opportunity to show up to court for the case and to fight it. There are a lot of different situations in which you might file a case against someone and need to locate them.

A divorce is a good example of a time when this is true. If you cannot find the person to serve him or her the papers, your divorce would not be able to go through for many years. You would have to wait a number of years and prove that you tried locating your spouse and could not find him before the court would grant you the divorce.

How hiring a private investigator could help

A lot of private investigators not only offer investigation services, but they also offer process server services. A process server is simply a person who delivers court documents to someone. A lot of times it is a sheriff or police officer that does this. It could also be a bailiff from a court who is hired to serve documents. There are also the occasions when people will hire a process server themselves to serve the papers, and many people will turn to a private investigator for this.

A private investigator is not only skilled at delivering court papers, but this is a person who is also skilled at finding people. Private investigators are often hired simply to watch people, but they can also be hired to track people down.

If you are trying to locate a person to serve the person court documents, you may want to turn to the help of a private investigator, especially if you cannot locate the person on your own. This is a great way to handle this situation, and it would likely end with finding the person and serving the person the court documents.