3 Important Actions To Take When Applying For SSDI

If you have a chronic injury or illness that prevents you from working, it may be a good idea to apply for Social Security disability insurance. This government-funded program gives you financial assistance that you normally wouldn't need could you work. To make applying for these benefits less difficult, take these actions. 

Understand the Qualifying Criteria 

Applying for SSDI (Social Security disability insurance) is quite a lengthy process, and because of this, you want to make absolutely sure you're eligible before proceeding any further. So, what exact criteria makes you qualified to receive these benefits?

First and foremost, you need to have a condition or medical problem that's listed on Social Security's disability page. You also need to have evidence proving that this medical problem does exist. Finally, you shouldn't be able to transition to another type of employment. If you can work another job, you won't be able to receive these benefits. 

Write a Dire Needs Letter

Getting SSDI doesn't just happen over night. It typically takes several months for Social Security to hear your claim and come up with their decision. That being said, you can speed up this process a bit by sending Social Security a dire needs letter.

This letter basically explains why this process should be sped up, as you may be dealing with financial hardship because of your disability. These letters should only be used if your financial issues are serious, though. Be honest and let them know exactly what you're going through. With any luck, this letter will be taken into consideration and lead to an earlier hearing date for your benefits.

Utilize SSDI Services 

Chances are you've never had to apply for SSDI before, making it a stressful process initially. You can get some support by working with SSDI services, though. There are companies that can take you through this entire process.

They'll help you determine if you're a good candidate or not. If you are, they can help you submit all of the necessary forms. They'll even make sure they're complete and error-free so that you don't experience any stressful delays. If your claim is denied, they can help you submit an appeal. 

SSDI is an incredible program that many people today need to get by financially. If you're in this similar position, make sure you know what this application process involves. Take your time researching and getting things in order so that you don't run into any significant roadblocks. For more information, reach out to Social Security lawyers.