What Factors Impact An Auto Accident Case

It's easy for a car accident to turn out to be a very traumatic experience. If responsibility falls on another driver, you'll be dealing with injuries, property losses, and reclaiming the costs from them. If they refuse to pay, you'll have to go through court to file a lawsuit. If it comes to that, it's important to be aware of the factors that can impact your case.

How Soon You File

Be aware that your state likely has limitations on how much time you have to file an injury related lawsuit, and it starts when the accident occurred. Every state has their own laws, so make sure to do your research. You could have up to a year or longer to file your case, which gives you some time if other options outside the courtroom do not work.

If you work with car accident attorney services from the beginning, they'll be well aware of your state deadlines and make sure that your injury claim is filed in time.

How Your State Handles Car Insurance

There are some states that have laws regarding no fault insurance, which essentially mean that you cannot blame the other driver for a car accident. Instead, you always use your own insurance company to make a claim, even in situations where you are not at fault. Make sure that you are aware of what kind of insurance your state allows.

If it is a no fault insurance state, there are requirements for when you can go after the other driver for injuries related to the accident. This will typically happen when you surpass a threshold for your medical bills through your insurance provider and need to start paying out of pocket.

How Much Fault You Have In The Accident

You will receive the most compensation for your injuries if the other driver is 100% at fault for causing the accident. Unfortunately, your compensation can be diminished if you are found to be partially responsible. In general, you can expect your compensation to be reduced by the percentage of responsibility. For example, if you are only 25% responsible and file a $10,000 lawsuit, you could only recover $7,500.

For help navigating the legal system for your auto accident, be sure to work with a local lawyer that specializes in automobile accidents. They know all of the local laws regarding these cases and are your best chance at maximizing your compensation.