What You Should Do If Your Demand Letter Fails For Your Car Accident

When a car collision takes place, it is the responsibility of the at-fault driver to pay for the damages that occurred to the victim in the accident, and many victims will try to handle their settlements on their own. If you are the victim of an accident and try to handle your case alone, you could do so by writing a demand letter. If this fails to provide you with a fair settlement, you may need to take a different direction with your case.

How a demand letter works

The first thing to understand is that a demand letter is something you can write on your own. In other words, you do not need to hire a lawyer to write a demand letter; however, you can hire one if you want to. Hiring one is often the better option in car accident cases, though, as insurance companies take letters from lawyers more seriously.

When writing your demand letter, you should include basic facts about the case, which include your name, address, date of the accident, and details about your injuries and damages. Next, you should include a breakdown of the money you are asking for and the reasons for each amount. At the bottom of the letter, you should state the total amount you are demanding. Keep in mind that a demand letter does not settle a case on its own. The other party must agree to it and sign it before the deal is closed.

You could talk to the insurance adjuster

If the insurance company is fighting your demand amount, call the insurance adjuster and talk to him or her. When you discuss the case, ask why they are rejecting your offer and find out how much they want to settle for. If you asked for a much higher amount than you really wanted, the adjuster might offer you an amount you are happy with. If so, you could settle for that amount through a settlement agreement that the insurance company would write up. Before signing it, make sure you agree with everything on it and make sure the amount of money is correct.

You should hire a lawyer

If you are still experiencing problems settling your case, you should move on to hiring a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can offer you the help you need to settle your case for a fair amount, and you can learn more about this by calling a law firm today.