Why You Should Meet With An Auto Accident Lawyer Even If You Didn't Intend To Sue

If you have been in an auto accident, you might not be willing to sue. You are within your right to choose not to sue, and you probably have your own reasons for not suing. However, it does not hurt to meet with an auto accident lawyer to see what services he/she can provide, including helpful advice regarding your own accident. Here is why you should at least meet with a lawyer to discuss your accident. 

It Will Help You Make a Firm Decision about Whether or Not to Sue

Sometimes people just need to know more about the process of suing others. It helps solidify their decision to sue or not to sue when they can put things in perspective and bounce them off a professional who knows everything there is to know about auto accidents and lawsuits. If you are kind of on the fence about this whole issue, talking to a lawyer for the purpose of information and/or legal advice can help you make a sound decision with which you feel comfortable. 

If You Do Decide to Sue, You Have Already Met with a Lawyer to Discuss the Particulars

When you meet with a lawyer, he/she wants to know the particulars of your accident. It helps him/her get a clear picture of why you may be reluctant to sue and offer sound advice on the matter. If you do decide to sue, you have already, in essence, discussed your situation and your accident with a lawyer, and you can proceed from there. 

A Lawyer Will Help You Understand That You Only Have So Much Time to Sue

Meeting with the lawyer, he/she will explain to you that you have only so much time to pursue a lawsuit. The statute of limitations for car accidents is typically quite short, although some people have had some minor success pursuing a lawsuit years after an event. Your lawyer will also explain to you that some effects of the accident take years to come to light, and by then it is too late to attempt a lawsuit unless you are partially or totally paralyzed and can prove that the car accident years before was responsible. There are infinite points to cover, and not all of them can be covered in the first meeting with a lawyer, but you certainly will get the gist of why so many people are quick to sue in an auto accident case. 

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