Determining Fault In A Car Accident: Who Should Pay?

You can be the safest driver ever and still have an accident while driving on the road. No matter how safe you may be as a driver, everyone else you share the road with may not be the same, and there are a lot of other variables the roadway alone can throw your way. You probably already know that calling on a car accident lawyer for help after an accident is important, but sometimes, it can be hard to figure out who should be held responsible for the damages you have incurred. Here is a general breakdown of who may be negligent in regard to your car accident to help you get a better understanding of what will take place.

The Other Driver's Insurance Company

In the majority of car accidents that result in a legal claim, it is the other driver that caused the accident. Of course, when you have a car accident that is caused by another driver, it is their insurance company that is held liable to pay for your damages. Unfortunately, it is extremely common for insurance companies to try to get out of paying you by trying to place the blame elsewhere, such as trying to find a way to make you at fault. When you file a legal claim after another driver caused you to wreck, it is their insurance company you will be seeking a settlement from. 

Your Own Auto Insurance Company 

You can pay your policy bills religiously, be the best customer ever, and really feel like you are valued by your auto insurance company. However, when you have an accident and your insurance is supposed to pick up the tab, do not be surprised if you are treated as anything but the best paying customer. When you have an accident that may not even be your fault, such as an animal running out in front of you, your insurance company should pay if you have certain levels of coverage. When they won't, you need a car accident lawyer for help.

The Property Owner 

If something in the roadway or in a parking lot causes you to have a wreck, it is the property owner who should be held responsible for the costs incurred. Of course, in a parking lot, the property owner is obvious. However, when you have an accident due to damages to a roadway, you could be filing a claim against your local government or department of highways.