What Does An SSI Attorney Do?

SSI, or supplemental security income, is a type of income that the elderly or people living with disabilities receive from the government. Qualifying for this can be pretty tricky due to its stringent qualification standards.

However, an SSI lawyer can step in to ensure that every deserving person gets the supplemental income they need to live comfortably. Read on to know the SSI eligibility criteria as well as how an attorney can help you. 

Who Qualifies for SSI?

There are two broad qualifications that a person must meet to be eligible for supplemental income. These are:

  •      Being elderly, which means being over 65 years old

  •     Having a medically determinable disability, whether mental or physical

Additionally, your age or disability must affect your ability to earn an income. This predicament necessitates the government's intervention to enable you to live comfortably.

When you are applying for supplemental income, you will need the following documents:

  • Proof of U.S citizenship or a qualifying immigrant status
  • A social security number
  • A birth certificate or driver's license to show your age
  • Medical reports detailing your physical or mental impairment
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of your living arrangements, including your rent and utility bills
  • Proof of resources

 How Can an SSI Attorney Help?

Applying for the SSI can be complex, and it requires plenty of paperwork. Part of the reason why many applicants are denied SSI is due to incorrect applications.

However, if you work with a social security lawyer, you will not need to worry about mistake-laden applications. The attorney's specialty is filing those documents; they know what you need to succeed in your application. Under their guidance, your chances of getting into the SSI program are high.

Additionally, the attorney can also help fight for you if the Social Security Administration denies your application. Because of their familiarity with SSI provisions, social security lawyers know how to counter an administrative decision that tramples on your rights. Appealing against an initial decision to deny you SSI payments further increases your chances of qualifying.

Thirdly, a lawyer can help you apply for back pay. According to SSI regulations, if you succeed in your appeal against an initial decision to deny you the supplemental income, your payments should be backdated to the date of your first application. Again, an attorney will help you to apply for back pay successfully.


If you or a loved one cannot earn enough money owing to their age or disability, you probably qualify for SSI payments. Be sure to visit a social security attorney for help in entering the program.