Factors That Help Determine The Amount Of Time You Spend With Your Kids After A Marriage Dissolution

An out-of-court agreement is usually the more popular strategy to agree on contentious issues after a divorce. However, this would only be possible if you and your spouse set aside your differences to have an amicable solution. However, if you cannot agree on some of the most important issues, you may consider hiring a lawyer to help you file a claim in court. It will enable you to get court intervention on how to co-parent, share assets, and the kids' custody, among other issues. The court will listen to the arguments you and your spouse raise to determine how to rule on the contentious issues. Here are some factors that may help determine the time you spend with your kids after marriage dissolution.

Your Conduct and Past Criminal Record

Before deciding the time to allocate to you with your children, the court will consider your conduct and past criminal record. For example, a previous charge for domestic abuse against your children or spouse can cause the judge to restrict you from coming close to your family. A history of alcohol or drug abuse may also make you get less time with your children.

However, your child custody attorney can help you get time with your kids regardless of the issues your partner raises against you in court. They may ask you to join and commit to a rehabilitation program to demonstrate to the judge that you're changing your life. As a result, the court might accept your request to visit or live with your kids for a few days every week or month.

Your Willingness to Cooperate With the Ex-Spouse

The judge may also consider your willingness to cooperate with your co-parent. In this case, they will evaluate how you have been co-parenting with your partner since you started to live separately. If you have been taking care of the kids, the judge will also consider whether you've been keeping your ex informed on their progress, activities, and needs. They will also consider whether you have facilitated your co-parent's access to the kids or whether you've been creating obstacles and preventing your ex from spending time with them.

In each of these scenarios, your legal advisor can help you prove that there was a good reason for you to prevent your ex from visiting or spending time with your children. For example, they could demonstrate that you felt that the spouse could hurt your children if they spent time with them.

You have the right to get enough time with your kids even when you and your co-parent part. For this reason, it is advisable to hire a professional child custody lawyer to represent you in court when handling children and family issues. They will work to get you a favorable outcome, ensuring that the children's best interests are safeguarded.   

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