Legal Consultations After a DUI Arrest

It can be difficult to know where to turn after a DUI (driving under the influence) arrest. Some defendants make the mistake of thinking that they cannot afford a lawyer. However, those who don't get legal help may end up being extremely regretful when they realize the consequences of their actions. Read on for information about how to deal with your DUI situation using legal help.

Call a Lawyer

In many cases, DUI lawyers will speak to you for an hour or so for either a flat fee or no fee at all. If you do pay a small consultation fee, it's not only well worth it, but the money is often credited to your account if you hire the lawyer later.

DUI laws are complex and it's difficult to imagine how harshly the courts can deal with this sort of offense if you are convicted. The main thing DUI lawyers do is to put the evidence the state has against you to the test. In many cases, that evidence cannot stand up to scrutiny. For instance, the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can be challenged if a single, insignificant aspect of the breathalyzer or blood test results were not perfect. The validity of all the roadside sobriety tests and others can be questioned. Also, the reason for the stop in the first place must be without question a reasonable act, or everything else is invalid. There are simply too many ways the arrest can be challenged to just go along with the charges or use a public defender to help you.

Expense vs. Expense

It's important to understand what could happen to even first-time DUI defendants if they are convicted:

  • Fines and penalties in the thousands.
  • Suspended driver's license.
  • Jail time.
  • Canceled or increased auto insurance.
  • Court-ordered classes, counseling, and meetings.
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device.
  • And more.

All the above have costs associated, and it adds up to thousands of dollars, not to mention the impact on your job, ability to drive, and time spent dealing with everything. When you consult with the lawyer, find out how much financial impact a conviction will cost you and compare it to hiring a criminal defense lawyer to help you. In most cases, it's much better to have a professional handle your case.

Many DUI cases with weak evidence end up being pled down to disorderly conduct or a reckless driving offense, both of which are less serious than a DUI. To find out more, speak to a DUI defense lawyer about your case.