Why A Child Custody Battle Can Be More Complicated Than You Might Think

Even for parents who have the best intentions, a child custody battle can be very difficult to fight. The child custody system is complicated and difficult to navigate if you are not navigating it with an experienced child custody lawyer. There are several common mistakes that well-intentioned parents make that can backfire.

Every Situation Is Different

You might have a friend or family member who has a similar family situation and is going through a custody battle. You might assume that your custody battle will go the same way as theirs. However, there are factors that you might not even realize will affect a child custody battle, such as your child's extracurricular activities or the observance of religious customs. 

Don't Make Significant Changes

One factor that can surprisingly impact your child custody situation is having a significant other move in with you. This is because adding a new partner to the mix can complicate the living situation by creating stress for your child.

You might also decide to move somewhere else during a child custody battle. This might be unavoidable if you can no longer afford to stay in your home due to a change in your financial situation. However, if you can avoid moving, you will place less stress on your child and you will also be less likely to be accused of trying to prevent the other parent from seeing their child.

There Is Hope

A child custody battle can be very difficult, but you will not want to give up too easily. A child custody battle is easier to win when you are working with a child custody lawyer. Make sure to tell them everything, even if you believe a particular detail is not important. Everything you say to a custody lawyer is confidential, and it might be a factor that makes or breaks your case.

Speak With a Legal Professional

A child custody lawyer might explain the importance of precedence regarding your case. First, you will need to understand the legal precedence. This refers to rulings that courts have made in the past that will be referred to when determining the legal rights of each party involved.

However, precedence also refers to the precedence that has been established in your own household. If one member of the family was primarily responsible for maintaining the household and the other was responsible for working outside the home, the homemaker is more likely to receive custody. With excellent legal counsel, you will have a better legal outcome during your child custody battle.

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