Good Healthcare Is Important For A Successful Disability Claim

A successful long-term disability claim is not an easy process. The time to complete each phase of the application is lengthy, the level of required documentation is extensive, and the review process is complex. One potential delay, or success inhibitor, is your healthcare provider. The wrong provider can cause all sorts of issues for your claim. Make sure you know what to look for.

Area of Practice

The disability review process includes a thorough examination of every condition that you submit. A part of the review involves assessing the validity of each claim. If you have medical issues that span more than one medical specialty, do yourself a favor and seek care from more than one provider. 

This is important because the review team may flag any claim that has been diagnosed or assessed by a provider that is not specialized in its particular area. Your healthcare provider should be able to refer you to any other specialist you might need. 

Timely Appointments

The review board may ask for periodic updates on your medical condition and prognosis in the form of medical records. In order to be able to provide complete documentation, you will need to see your provider regularly.

If it is very hard to get an appointment with your existing provider, you might not be able to provide this documentation in a timely manner, so you might need to consider changing providers. If you have an attorney working on your case, they will keep you abreast of important documentation submission requests involving these dates, so be sure you adhere to them. 

Unaddressed Concerns

The cornerstone of any successful disability claim is wholeness. In order to prove that you have a medical condition that impedes your ability to work, you need to include all the details. As such, your healthcare provider should be willing to listen to all your complaints so that they can be adequately documented. 

The reason this is so important is that when your attorney helps you complete your application, any claims made on the application process must also be reflected and documented in your medical records or the claim will likely be denied automatically. Your provider should be willing to listen to all your concerns. 

It is time to consider looking for a new healthcare provider if you have any of these issues. Remember, your healthcare and legal team must work together to help you achieve success.

To learn more, contact a disability insurance attorney in your area.